Always Be Genius Recording Studio

Producer - Seth M Henderson - Owner ABG Recording Studio

Producer - Seth M Henderson - Owner ABG Recording Studio

Producer - Seth M Henderson - Owner ABG Recording StudioProducer - Seth M Henderson - Owner ABG Recording Studio

Seth Henderson | Owner | Producer

Thank you for checking out the music I've worked on and finding me here.  I have had an incredible path to owning my own studio and owe it all to the musicians who've entrusted me to be involved in their  projects and the love & support of my family.  

I began recording music over 15 years ago as an amateur to save my band money and get our music out there. It was then that I realized two things: 

  1. I loved recording music  
  2. Recording music isn't something you can "just do" with protools and some gear.

I've had a long journey of trial and error, peer input, and tutorials to get to the point where I am proud of the sound I achieve and believe in my ability as a producer.  I know my path to perfection is even longer still.  I have a never-ending desire to find better techniques, understand new technology and invest in the right gear.

I am open to working with every genre and welcome new talent and ideas.  I am always game to experiment with new sounds and unique recording processes.  We have a great team here and do our best to make the most of your time and bring the best out of your music. 

I hope to be working together soon!

Services we provide

Tracking | Engineering

We operate using both digital and analog gear in order to capture a quality sound from each instrument being played. 

Seth works closely with each musician, coaching them through their takes and encouraging their highest ability to shine through. Quality recording is crucial in achieving a professional sound.


Mixing is an important step in making your songs sound professional and polished.  We offer mixing to both in-house recordings and outside projects.  Please email us for specific requirements for any outside mixing inquiries.  


Seth Henderson has been producing music for more than 10 years, working with dozens of bands to create, restructure, and arrange songs, bringing them to their full potential. 

He has worked alongside songwriters and always makes room for additional producers and input.


Mastering the is final touch for levels and overall balance of the song.  We do offer mastering services for outside projects, but typically do not master our own work.  We recommend having at least one other perspective on every project and work closely with several mastering engineers.

Space Rental

Our live room accommodates full band practice and has served as a location for shooting documentaries and music videos.  While we have the space for a full band to setup and play together, we can not offer permanent storage or regular band practice. 


Is there lodging at the studio?

  • We are excited to now offer an apartment space to our bands.  Please reach out for more information if you're looking to stay!

What kind of gear do we need to bring?

  • You are welcome to use any of the gear we have at the studio.  See Gear page for a complete list of what we have.
  • Drummers need to bring their pedals and cymbals if using one of our kits.  
  • We require new strings for all guitars before tracking, so bring enough to string either your guitars or ours.

Seth Henderson and Team

Ashley Henderson| Studio Manager


Its so awesome to be a part of the Henderson & ABG family.  Seth and I have been married for 3 years and decided to take on the music industry as a team.  We love being a part of the music brought here and do everything we can to support your success. Feel free to contact me with any questions regaurding the studio and our process here and I will get back to you as quickly as I soon!

Sam Henderson | Staff Engineer


Seth and I look exactly the same and work incredibly well together.  I started out engineering sessions along side Seth and still sit in on some of his projects to help out and get a feel for his work flow.  I engineered some of his projects late-nights and weekends, to accommodate schedules and meet deadlines; I also take on projects independently.  Between the two of us, the studio is up and running 7 days a week! Get in touch with Ashley to find out more about our schedules.