Policies & Promises

How We Operate:

A session begins at the time the client booked it for, whether they are present or not, and continues until the recording has ceased and clients are preparing to leave. At least 8 hour bookings are mandatory if gear is to be left set up or if mixes are to be left up overnight. AlwaysBeGenius accepts payment by Check, Cash, or Paypal. Payment at the end of a session day is due if the client will not be returning the following day. All mixes, CD-Rs, DVDs, drives, etc. shall remain the property of ABG until all invoices are paid in full by the client.

Client Liability:

We are not legally or financially responsible for items brought into or left on the premises. It is recommended that clients obtain insurance to protect against possible damage expense or loss of article(s) of value left on the premises. This includes master tapes, drives, etc. left at ABG.

Session Backup:

We will keep your session data for 4 months after the project is finished. It is the responsibility of the band to buy their backups, they are $25 per project