Seth Michael Henderson

Owner / Engineer / Producer

Seth has been working in the industry for more than 10 years, refining his ability to produce crisp, authentic tones and polished products. Β His talent and ear for production come from his passion for music and years of experience working with a variety of artists. Β He continues to stay current with new techniques and the latest plug-ins by attending workshops, music conferences and online forums.

If you are looking for an engineer who will spend the time needed to make your project exactly what you want, he is your guy.




Sam Henderson

Staff Engineer / Producer / Session Drummer

Sam studied along with Seth and MIW for music production, mixing and mastering, and business. Following his passion for live music & drumming, Sam kept busy in the industry writing music and playing live shows in Chicago. Over the past 3 years, Sam has worked as an assistant engineer, and developed his tracking and mixing skills on independent projects.